Ty Byrd Sports and Travel

Beautiful sunrise in Queens, New York

Sunrise in Ty Byrd’s hometown, Queens.

Ty Byrd was born in Jamaica Queens. When growing up, Ty Byrd admired his New York City teams: The New York Yankees, The New York Giants, and, most of all, The New York Nets. While Ty watched his games on TV, it was the games in person that ended up inspiring the young Ty Byrd.

Sports and Basketball have always been a major interest for Ty Byrd. When he was young, Ty Byrd would attend local games in Jamaica Queens at the local high school. While he might have been more interested in checking the scores of the National Basketball League at the time, Ty Byrd would never expect that watching the basketball game in person would have so much an effect on him.

The excitement of seeing the game up close, the thrill of being right on the action captivated the young Ty Byrd. While he sat through the game never taking his eyes off the ball, by the end of it, Ty had resolved to pick up a ball himself and to start practicing.

College and High School Basketball

Over the years, Ty grew up staying true to his goal. By the time he reached High School, Ty Byrd was an accomplished player and a valuable asset to his team. During this time, Ty Byrd played at two High Schools in Jamaica Queens, including the Thomas Edison High School from 1991, to 1993.

Having developed such a penchant for basketball, Ty went on to play College Basketball at Queensboro Community College. At Queensboro, Ty Byrd developed his love and ability to play with a team, to be part of a team as a member, and to help the team succeed as a leader when need be. It was the joy Ty Found and the skills he developed in leading and communication from being part of a team that made him move on to his next career move: The United States Marine Core.

Ty Byrd: Marine Core

During his time as an enlisted Marine, Ty Byrd had the chance to further develop the team dynamic he had been developing all his life. Being a Marine, in a sense, was almost like furthering the same skills he had been fostering all his life: team sportsmanship, communication, leadership, and hard work. While the life of an enlisted Marine shared many similarities, there was one new and influential opportunity it offered to Ty: travel.

While he had spent most of his life in New York and Queens before his first career, Ty Byrd was now being flown around the world, seeing worlds and places he had never dreamed of, with friends and members of his unit he would never forget. His first deployment led him to Norway, introducing him to a world he had never imagined, and instilling in him a love and passion for travel he explores to this day.

While he has now settled in, living in the big apple and working a productive career as a Real Estate Broker, Ty Byrd has never lost his love for basketball, and has only developed his passion for travel and exploration. Ty still plays ball from time to time, and is a huge fan of all professional sports leagues, the National Football League, Major League Baseball, and especially The National Basketball Association. He still travels whenever he gets the chance and has never, ever, lost that passion.

The teams of Ty Byrd are still the same: The New York Yankees, The New York Knicks, The New York Giants, and The Brooklyn Nets.

SoundCloud Podcast

Ty Byrd has begun keeping a real estate podcast available online. To listen to the podcast, visit Ty Byrd’s SoundCloud page and listen to the original tracks. The podcast will be updated monthly, at least, and kept up with the latest real estate news from local to around the world.